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Bulding a Personal Preparedness Kit

Basic Principles of Personal Preparedness

Build a kit

When building a kit, which can be a simple backpack or even progress to more sophisticated packs, there is no standard to follow, as everyone’s kit should reflect their own needs. However, it is critically important to understand that, depending on the emergency, weight and volume of emergency kits becomes a factor. Overstocking it with non-critical items will slow you down and could prevent you from being as mobile as needed or even prevent you from carrying it altogether.

There are plenty of sources for you to reference as you build your kit, such as:

Also, remember to refresh your kit each year to check shelf-life of items (batteries corrode and food expires, etc) and to ensure properly operating equipment.

Basic Categories of Items for an Emergency Kit





Basic Supplies

Personal Hygiene

Additional Key Items

Additional first-aid items